Elementa seminar - Satisfaction Guaranteed?

Elementa are to host their 3rd Annual World Green Building Week breakfast event. The theme for World Green Building Week 2016 is ‘Change Your Perspective’, an evolution of WorldGBC’s Better Build Green campaign. As a member of the UK Green Building Council, we are proud to show our commitment to the unified mission of creating sustainably built environments by sharing our knowledge and insights. This year our seminar ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed?’ focuses on the health and wellbeing topic whilst feeding back into the larger theme of ‘Changing Perspectives’. We will share some of our most pioneering projects from around the globe and take the audience through a selection of buildings that really do aim to guarantee satisfaction for the people who work in today’s offices whilst critically helping building owners measure it.

There are so many interesting and often untold facts/figures that can genuinely change how people think about buildings, and specifically green building. We support the WorldGBC in encouraging people to understand the impacts and benefits that green buildings can have on global emissions, energy, water, health and wellbeing, the economy and beyond by changing their perspective.

World Green Building Week is the flagship event of the green building movement, and led by the World Green Building Council. It’s the annual opportunity for Green Building Councils, their members and leaders from around the world to showcase on the global stage how their actions and leadership are helping to deliver green buildings in their own countries, and to celebrate the positive outcomes they lead to.

If you would like to attend ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed?’ taking place on 27th September, please emailevents@elementaconsulting.com for further details.

Visit the World Green Building Week website for further informationhttp://www.worldgreenbuildingweek.org/