Better Places for People Webinar

How do different departments in a company shape the health and wellbeing of a workplace? How is air quality impacting employee work choices in China? What do retailers know about the influence of store design on your customer experience?

Learn about all of this and more at the first Better Places for People webinar. Join project team leaders for a discussion on what our industry working groups are finding in their deep dive into measuring health, wellbeing and productivity in offices and retail buildings.

Ask questions and share your insights and research suggestions at this live webinar:

23 September at 8 am Vancouver/11 am New York/12 pm Sao Paulo/4 pm London

If you are unable to make this time, another live webinar is happening on 24 September.


Beth Ambrose, JLL

Richard Francis, The Monomoy Company

Michelle Malanca, World Green Building Council

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