9:00 am09:00

#BETTERBUILDGREEN conference - Change your Perspective!

  • Budapest Hungary

This one day conference invites architects, real estate developers, facilities managers, regulatory and green building professionals. True to the ‘Change your Perspective’ slogan, green building will be explored from several points of view – environmental, socio-economic and business – in lectures by national and foreign experts, and also in panel discussions.

Contact Henrietta Budai, Secterary General: budai.henrietta@hugbc.hu


1:00 am01:00

Changing Urban Climates & Impacts on Built Environment

The impacts of climate change are increasingly effecting the built environment in the UK. The impacts of this can lead to extreme weather events, increased flooding and urban heat island effect. Understanding the changes to environmental conditions is key to the design of resilient and sustainable buildings and communities.

Presented by the Met Office, this webinar will look at key challenges for the built environment in the context of climate change and how climate science can be used to support design and construction decisions.

This webinar will also provide attendees with an understanding of how climate model simulations are used to predict changing climates, and how this knowledge can be applied to planning and construction in built environment.

Confirmed Speaker: 
Michael Sanderson, Senior Applied Scientist, The Met Office

Cost: £ FREE for CIRIA members & £35+VAT for all other attendees


6:00 pm18:00

What is a sustainable building?

  • GHD Centre

Introduction to sustainable building
What is a sustainable building? How are they measured and who does it?

Join us for an information session explaining concepts and resources for people wanting to learn about green building as it relates to health, efficiency and sustainability of NZ buildings.

Topics covered:

Definition of a sustainable home
Measuring sustainability & an overview of the 3 NZGBC tools
Assessment process focusing on homes
Assessing criteria
How to get your home assessed


Andrea Davison, Senior Technical Coordinator at New Zealand Green Building Council

Further presenters to be announced

Drinks & nibbles will be provided.

Register with your login through our system or email Catie Harris, NZGBC onevents@nzgbc.org.nz

5:30 pm17:30

UK-GBC Annual General Meeting 2016

  • British Land

All members of the UK-GBC are invited to join us for our AGM on Thursday 29 September where you will have the opportunity to give feedback on our progress over the past year and also help shape the future of our campaign.

In addition to the formal business there will also be valuable networking opportunities with Trustees, UK-GBC staff and fellow members. 

The UK-GBC AGM is a free, member-only event. 


9:30 am09:30

New opportunities for sustainable building sector

  • Via Altinate, 71

The “Nuovo Conto Termico” Kyoto Fund represent the opportunity to finance the renovation of the public building stock, that has to be done considering green public procurement.

The first part of the conference aims to gather the views of the sector operators analysing the public needs and introducing new measures and directives related to the renovation strategy for the building sector. The second part of the conference will provide examples of design solutions to renovation, exploring the construction skills necessary for deep renovation to guarantee high performance of energy efficiency.

Register here.

8:30 am08:30

Green Building Week Breakfast Seminar – EDGE for Designers and Building owners

  • Radisson Blu Edwardian

The emerging middle class with rising income levels is growing by 90 million per year. To meet the resulting demand for new housing and commercial space, a huge development program is underway. We therefore have a narrow window of opportunity to shape our built environment. Property developers are trying to meet this demand sustainably in order to differentiate their developments. Resource-efficient buildings clearly have impact, from the corporate bottom line to a homeowner’s pocket. But how does a developer confidently capture this value while gaining brand recognition?

The solution is EDGE, a green building certification system for emerging markets created by the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group. EDGE is a measurable way for builders to optimize their designs, leading to a more investment-worthy and marketable product. By keeping certification fast and inexpensive, EDGE keeps pace with the momentum that developers need in order to stay at the forefront of the green building trend. For more information, please visit www.edgebuildings.com

Join the EDGE Breakfast Seminar for Designers and Clients


  • Rusmir Music, Strategy Officer, Climate Business Group, IFC (World Bank) - Introduction to EDGE – why it was developed, what makes it different?
  • Inge Huijbrechts, Vice President Responsible Business, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group - Client Perspective – why is a global hospitality company committing to EDGE.
  • Ronak Gawarwala, Senior Associate I Sustainable Design Leader, HOK - Details of HOKs EDGE Commitment and an Introduction to an EDGE Project from an architectural point of view.
  • Tom Saunders, EDGE Programme Manager, thinkstep - Quick demo of the EDGE tool and how it compares to other standards.
  • Harry Fernau, Global Product Manager - Energy & Green Building, SGS - The EDGE certification process

If you are interested in attending the EDGE Seminar for Designers and Building owners please apply by sending an email to edge@thinkstep.comusing the following subject: "EDGE Seminar for Designers and Building owners, London, September 29th 2016".

6:30 pm18:30

Ecobuild networking - Grow your business

  • UBM / Ecobuild

Join us from 6.30pm on 28 September at the Ecobuild 2017 launch evening to network, learn and discover the future of the industry as we redefine sustainability into 2017 and beyond. With insights from:
The changing state of the market post-referendum - with Building Magazine What's driving the market and the changing needs of the client - presented by BRE Inside the mind of a buyer - a dive into Ecobuild's extensive specifier research Making Ecobuild 2017 unmissable - content and features focus by Ecobuild Brand Director Martin Hurn With support from our strategic partners including WorldGBC and UK-GBC
Contact: Anna Bladen - anna.bladen@ubm.com http://ubm.ecobuild.co.uk/rsvp

5:30 pm17:30

Christchurch Building Tour: Kathmandu & Vodafone

  • Kathmandu Head Office

To celebrate World Green Building Week the NZGBC is running a building tour of the Green Star rated Kathmandu and Vodafone buildings in Christchurch.

The Kathmandu and Vodafone developments sit within the Christchurch Innovation Precinct, which aims to become a critical part of NZ’s thriving, knowledge-rich innovation ecosystem. Both of these buildings have achieved a 5 Green Star Design rating.

Some of the sustainability features include a high-performance double-glazed façade and automated blinds that track the sun and move accordingly, to maximise daylight while balancing heat levels; and a highly efficient ventilation system that brings in outdoor air at a rate 50% above what’s required by Building Code, to provide a healthier indoor environment for staff.

Both buildings’ energy performance and indoor environment quality are being carefully considered to ensure energy-efficient, healthy and productive spaces.

Limited space available.

Register with your login through our system or email Catie Harris, NZGBC onevents@nzgbc.org.nz

5:00 pm17:00

Green Building Council of Australia - Event series

The built environment must embrace green building to ensure we reach a two-degree world.

The sooner perspectives change, the sooner we’ll achieve more positive outcomes for global emissions, energy, water, health and wellbeing, the economy and more.

World Green Building Week will be held 26 September – 2 October 2016, raising awareness of green buildings around the world, highlighting how they can become more liveable and resilient at the same time as achieving a range of environmental, social and economic goals.

On Wednesday 28 September we’ll be getting property industry professionals together in support of World Green Building Week 2016. Here at the GBCA we’re working with our members and the wider industry to change perspectives and to establish sustainability in our built environment.

We’ll be exploring how our industry is tracking, where we’re helping change perspectives and we’ll be launching a Green Star video – showcasing projects that have really pushed the idea of changing the industry perspective.

Get along to our World Green Building Week events around Australia and take part in shaping the future of green building.

Susannah Howen - events@gbca.org.au http://www.gbca.org.au/events.asp?eventID=33523

2:00 pm14:00

Dutch Green Building Council kids event

  • Utrecht

Willen we Nederland verduurzamen, dan is het belangrijk dat we de jeugd daarbij betrekken. Kinderen bekijken de wereld immers nog onbevangen. Daarom organiseert de Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) ook dit jaar tijdens de Dutch Green Building Week een activiteit speciaal voor kinderen. Dit jaar doen we dit samen met a.s.r.

Om ook kinderen vertrouwd te maken met dit thema én basisscholen te ondersteunen bij het verduurzamen van hun school heeft a.s.r. in samenwerking met de DGBC en de gemeente Utrecht een jaarlijks terugkerende duurzaamheidswedstrijd gelanceerd voor alle basisscholen in Utrecht: de a.s.r. scholen challenge. a.s.r draagt dit initiatief omdat zij als duurzame verzekeraar zich maatschappelijk willen inzetten. Het motto is: helpen door te doen. De finale en prijsuitreiking vinden plaats op woensdag 28 september 2016 bij a.s.r. in Utrecht.

Marieke Olsthoorn




1:00 pm13:00

Aachen builds the future - Green Buildings create sustainable living & working environments

  • Aachen

Speaker DGNB - Change your perspective - Opportunities in the growing market of sustainable buildings Speaker Rainer Keutmann, LAGUS GmbH - Das kann Wasser - Sustainable water management for sustainable buildings Guided tour in the headquaters of Trianel Speaker Cornel Oehy, Dieter Sammeth, Carpus + Partner AG - BetterBuildGreen – The Carpus + Partner Workshop with Gold-Certificate creates values for owners, user and environment Guided tour in the Carpus + Partner Workshop

Rainer Keutmann - keutmann@lagus.de


10:00 am10:00

UK-GBC webinar: Science Based Targets

Science-based targets (SBTs) are emission reduction targets adopted by organisations to reduce their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and address climate change. The webinar aims to provide an overview to SBT’s and their importance to the industry, a background to the different methodologies to set reduction targets and provide and introduction to the SBT initiative. 

The webinar will cover:

The background to science-based targets and what is means to be ‘science-based’
The process of setting SBT’s
The methodologies used to set SBT’s, particularly the sectoral decarbonisation approach.
Key drivers and the business case for setting SBTs

The webinar will not cover the implementation side of SBT setting. For practical guidance on the ‘how to’ and learn first-hand from organisations who have set SBT’s, please consider attending the masterclass as follow up to this webinar.

Who should attend:

This webinar is suitable for any built environment professional, interested in science-based targets, but particularly from organisations with a substantial carbon emission profile.

Key speakers:

UK-GBC representative on SBT’s
Susie Wood, Senior Manager, Science Based Targets Initiative.


9:30 am09:30

How to do WELL with IES

  • The Building Centre

We'll take a closer look at the application of the virtual environment for designing for health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on the WELL Building Standard™.

Joined by Lindsey Malcolm of XCO2 Energy, he will provide insight into his experiences in modelling and simulation for compliance with the WELL Standard and discuss how software tools can assist in enabling and embedding good practice health and wellbeing concepts into projects. Health and wellbeing is the new frontier for making buildings even better.

Academic research and business case studies have arisen over the last five years showing the health and wellness benefits of positive interactions between humans and the built environment. Using building simulation allows you to quantify, analyse and evaluate design options and their impact on occupants. Attendees will learn how to use the virtual environment to model core health and wellbeing concepts and demonstrate compliance with the WELL Standard.



8:00 am08:00

WELL Building Standard Breakfast

  • Manchester UK

Hilson Moran is one of the first in the UK to have WELL accredited professionals who can assist with achieving an accredited WELL rating. During this breakfast event, it will advise and demonstrate how the WELL Building Standard can help its clients to ensure health and wellbeing is addressed holistically as part of an overall sustainability solution.

Contact Caroline Stephens at Hilson Moran for further details.



5:30 pm17:30

NZIA Sustainability Conversation

  • NZ Institute of Architects, Level 5

Designing Net Zero Energy Homes in New Zealand

What does it mean to design a Net Zero Energy home in New Zealand?

As part of World Green Building Week, the NZIA Environmental Issues Group with the support of NZGBC is exploring what it takes to design and build a Net Zero Energy home in our own back yard.

Experts will discuss the challenges of designing Net Zero Energy and low impact houses, looking at case studies both internationally and locally.

Designing net zero energy homes bring about a new set of challenges in working with new building tools and technologies, dealing with issues that had previously been outside the scope of consideration in conventional designs.

Join NZIA for this conversation and discuss how we can challenge our design thinking to create homes that have a very low impact on our natural environment. Find out what it means to design and deliver a Net Zero Energy home in New Zealand.


Alec Couchman, Director at Brewer Davidson. Brewer Davidson, who are industry leaders in sustainable design and consulting have recently completed the first Net Zero-Energy Certified Passive-House building in Canterbury as part of the Christchurch re-build. Other recently completed projects also include Hingaia School, the first 5 Green Star build rated school in New Zealand which employs a number of sustainable features, including potable water recycling.

Alec is a Green Building Council of Australia Assessor, Green Star NZ Assessor, Director NZ Architects Co-operative Society and NZ Green Building Council Faculty Member.

Further presenters to be announced

Presentations followed by drinks & light refreshments.

Please register by emailing Linda Sun, NZIA on linda@crosson.co.nz

2:30 pm14:30

Let the forest grow for urban ecology 

  • Millénaire 1

« Cultiver la forêt » is a method integrating bio-based materials while galvanising an economic sector.

In July 2016, ICADE opened the new headquarters of Veolia (45 000 m²), the biggest site with wooden floor from France, 7 000 m² of parquet floor. It was also used for professional training for woodworking skills (2 jobs created).


12:30 pm12:30

Hobsonville Bus Tour

  • Hobsonville, Auckland

To celebrate World Green Building Week we visit Hobsonville one of the newest medium density suburbs in Auckland.

Located on a peninsula about 20 minutes from the Auckland's CBD it is a community in development.

Come with us and see

  • Hobsonville Point Primary School - 5 Green Star rating
  • Hobsonville Point Land Company show home on Liquidambar Drive
  • A Homestar renovation that went from a 2 to a 9 Homestar Design rating

We will have a bus leaving from the Auckland CBD at 12.30pm. Meeting point details will be announced closer to the time.

Bus returns around 3pm.

Limited seats available.

Register now with your login through our system or email Catie Harris, NZGBC onevents@nzgbc.org.nz

11:00 am11:00

Building tour: The 55 Amsterdam, offices for wellbeing

  • 55 rue d’Amsterdam 75 008 Paris France

Gecina Lab, invites you to a site tour of the 55 Amsterdam. First renovated office building in France to be WELL certified thanks to a focus on indoor air and water quality, food, lighting, physical activity, comfort and mind. The 12 500m² are also Breeam Oustanding, HQE® Exceptionnel, Leed Platinium, Biodivercity and Effinergie certified.

The visit of the innovative spaces imagined by Naud & Poux Architectes will be commented by Luc Poux, associated architect.


9:00 am09:00

Building Prosperous Cities

  • City Hall

This unique conference will examine what green infrastructure and natural capital mean for the planning and development of UK cities. The programme includes a case study session featuring Plymouth, Glasgow and Belfast, chaired by Stephen Wilkinson (Vice President of the Royal Town Planning Institute). Discounted places are available for local authorities and small third sector organisations.


9:00 am09:00

Elementa seminar - Satisfaction Guaranteed?

Elementa are to host their 3rd Annual World Green Building Week breakfast event. The theme for World Green Building Week 2016 is ‘Change Your Perspective’, an evolution of WorldGBC’s Better Build Green campaign. As a member of the UK Green Building Council, we are proud to show our commitment to the unified mission of creating sustainably built environments by sharing our knowledge and insights. This year our seminar ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed?’ focuses on the health and wellbeing topic whilst feeding back into the larger theme of ‘Changing Perspectives’. We will share some of our most pioneering projects from around the globe and take the audience through a selection of buildings that really do aim to guarantee satisfaction for the people who work in today’s offices whilst critically helping building owners measure it.

There are so many interesting and often untold facts/figures that can genuinely change how people think about buildings, and specifically green building. We support the WorldGBC in encouraging people to understand the impacts and benefits that green buildings can have on global emissions, energy, water, health and wellbeing, the economy and beyond by changing their perspective.

World Green Building Week is the flagship event of the green building movement, and led by the World Green Building Council. It’s the annual opportunity for Green Building Councils, their members and leaders from around the world to showcase on the global stage how their actions and leadership are helping to deliver green buildings in their own countries, and to celebrate the positive outcomes they lead to.

If you would like to attend ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed?’ taking place on 27th September, please emailevents@elementaconsulting.com for further details.

Visit the World Green Building Week website for further informationhttp://www.worldgreenbuildingweek.org/

2:00 pm14:00

Conference & building tour

  • CIUP (Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris)

En 2020, les bâtiments neufs en Europe devront être à énergie « quasi » zéro. La Maison de l’Île de France est un projet de son engagement environnemental, une référence emblématique pour la CIUP et un exemple de l’ingéniosité et démarche collaborative de l’équipe de conception formée par DEERNS et ANMA. Lors de cet événement, nous vous proposons une conférence suivie d’une visite du chantier afin de découvrir les aspects les plus remarquables de cette résidence d’étudiants BEPOS :

1.      Conference :

 NZEB: Evolution or Revolution:

Maison Île-de-France: a positive energy student hall of residence

Constraints and innovative solutions of « Maison Île-de-France» – collaborative design between architects and engineers (ANMA et DEERNS)

Constraints of the site

Energy and environmental strategy for design and use

Net zero energy approach for all uses

2.      Tour of the building


12:30 pm12:30

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards & Energy Law at David Watney LLP

  • Daniel Watney LLP

Daniel Montlake (MRICS) Energy Consultant at CORE Sustainability and Sivan Gelb Property Lawyer at Michael Conn Goldsobel will be providing a seminar about MEES and Energy Law to the Agency and Development teams, Lease advisory and valuation team, Commercial management team and key members of the rating team of Daniel Watney LLP.

This event is invitation-only.


11:00 am11:00

Webinar CASA Colombia

“CASA Colombia, Viviendas Sostenibles” is the first green building certification system designed by the Colombia Green Building Council (CCCS) to facilitate the transformation of this important segment of the industry towards sustainability. This tool provides transparent and agile methodology aligned with all current regulations and new national green growth policies in Colombia.


Maria Camila Porras - asistente.mercadeo@cccs.org.co


Sep 30

Green Building Council Namibia - Convention

  • Windhoek Namibia

The third annual Green Building Council of Namibia Convention takes place during World Green Building Week. An event dedicated to creating a long-term solution to environmental initiatives within the entire construction field, including contracting, supply, services, architecture, town planning, engineering, quantity surveying, urban design, property development, housing, and local government.

For further information, contact Nina Maritz - nina@ninamaritz.com / admin@gbcna.org.